About ESoA
Welcome to Erudio School of Art

Welcome to Erudio School of Art

Erudio School of Art (ESoA) is a non-formal institution focusing on visual art and design which is equal to project-based high school and it uses visual device as its learning media.

The vision of ESoA is to be an inspirative institution to create a better life through art education.

The mission of ESoA is to create a learning environment that can maximize the potential and uniqueness of students through visual art and design to grow creativity, encourage exploration, and self-finding. Besides, it also one of the cores in the growth of visual art and design in Indonesia.

ESoA uses democratic education as its philosophy. ESoA believes that every child has the same rights as grown-ups to decide everything related to their interest, especially in learning process, students and grown-ups can both be the source of information; all teachers-all students

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