Frequently Ask Question

Q: How the school and students react to LGBT?

A: We respect all opinion and we don’t support or promote it in any way possible.

Q: Who is the founder of this school?

A: The founder of this school is Ms. Ira. She is a parent and has passion in art. The purpose of her life is to participate in education development in Indonesia. She is also an educator in our school. Her background is in early childhood education in Montessori.

Q : How many are the students?

A: Nowadays, we have 37 students. 14 students in first grade, 14 students in second grade, and 9 students in third grade.

Q : When the selection process is held?

A: To join selection process, parents need to register their child first and later we will schedule the selection.

Q : What are the requirements to get into this school?

A: All applicants need to pass Junior High School and join all selection processes in ESoA. There are 3 selection processes in 3 different days. The first one is Art Perspective Assessment (APA). This is one process to know the applicant’s interest in art. Then applicant needs to present their 5 portfolios in 5 recent years, manually or digitally. After that, applicant will go through Project Assessment (PA) process and will present the result. Last, applicant will have interview process with parents.

Q : I have a child with special needs. In my child’s school now, I provide him with shadow teacher. Does ESoA accept my child?

A: We are public school, not an inclusive school. We accept students with special needs, but they will not have shadow teacher and they will be treated as other students.

Q : Is it only children from wealthy family who can go to this school?

A: No. We also have scholarship for students who have difficulty in economy.

Q : Is there any scholarship?

A: Our scholarship is different from other scholarships. We have scholarship for applicants who come from family with difficult economy, but they have high motivation and potential in art. There are some documents needed to be prepared to be able to get the scholarship.

Q : What is the accreditation status of this school?

A: It is still on accreditation process. There are some requirements the school needs to fulfill in order to get accreditation, some of them is already have some graduated batches from the school. In school year 2016, we only have 1 batch graduated from ESoA.

Q: Is this school registered in DIKBUD?

A: Our school is registered with non-formal permit, which is PKBM or Pusat Kegiatan Belajar Mengajar (Teaching Learning Center). The representative of Education Department is regularly having school visit to our school.

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