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Jakpost guide to art education

Jakpost guide to art education
Erudio School of Art (ESoA) was launched in 2012 as an alternative to mainstream schools in Indonesia. Founded by Monika Irayati “Ira” Irsan, it is inspired by the philosophies of Ki Hajar Dewantara, Indonesia's founding father in education. The school also draws inspiration from Summerhill, an independent boarding school in Suffolk, Britain.

With currently 82 students, ESoA does not merely focus on art. Its project-based curriculum allows students to explore their true potential by making them aware of social issues and giving them freedom to express themselves. At the end of each semester, they have to present their projects to the public through an exhibition or other medium depending on their preference.
Similar to other high schools in Indonesia, the education program is designed to be completed in three years. The first-year students, for instance, will be given a main theme to be explored. One of their current themes is trust in humanity. “They have to find the definition of trust according to their understanding, then look for issues that are relevant to it,” Ira told The Post on Wednesday, Oct. 24, at the ESoA campus. “They will do some research and find their preferences in terms of their style of art.”
The first-year students have to display their projects at school, while the second-year students have to hold an exhibition outside campus. They are assigned to work in groups and find a venue and curator as well as set the budget. The third-year students have to organize a solo final presentation in the event type of their choice, whether it is an exhibition, product launch or focus group discussion.
Often labeled as “home” by their students, ESoA applies flexible rules, but they must have an agreement in terms of class attendance and uniform.
“Freedom sounds very scary for adults because they don’t trust them [the students], but they’re very responsible – although their way of learning isn’t common,” said Ira.
The school provides a studio, workshop tools and facilities for students who want to continue to higher education by giving them special classes to prepare for the national examination. At the end of their learning period, students will receive a senior high school equivalency diploma (Paket C) and/or a BTEC Foundation diploma in art and design, as the school collaborates with UK-based Pearson Education.
The institution accepts middle school graduates who have a passion for art and are always curious. Aside from filling out the registration form and paying the registration fee of Rp 600,000, they also have to prepare their portfolio.
They have launched ESoS (Erudio School of Science) and plan to move to Gunung Sindur, Bogor, in 2019.
Address: Jl. Lebak Bulus I No. 55, West Cilandak, South Jakarta
Contact: +6221 758-187-03 (mut)

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