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Roberto Ancila Utama
Roberto Ancila Utama

Full Name    : Roberto Ancila Utama
Education    : Bachelor Degree, Graphic Design, Multimedia Nusantara University.
About Me     : Basically, I’m half East Javanese and Minang, but I was born in Yogyakarta on 8th of August 1992 and I’m the only child in my little family. I am a humorist person, I like to make jokes, no matter if it is funny or just silly. One of my interest is collecting toys and action figures. It’s been a very old hobby, for every comic books, movies, or TV series I watch, I must have the toys as memorabilia of what I see. I also love drawing, especially illustration, and I do it on daily basis in my spare time to enhance my skill. I like reading books, either it is comic book, novel, or reference book, it inspires me to do my drawings. Lastly, food. Food is what makes me excited, it is part of my life journey.

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